Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Create Named Credentials

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For Oracle Private Cloud Database setup we need two Named Credentials for OS users oracle and root and One Named Credentials for sys database users. Please follow steps below.

Click on Setup > Security > Named Credentials.

Below is the landing page. Click on Create for new Named credentials. 

Type Credential Name, Type, Target Type, Target Name, Username and Password.

Click on Save. 

Once Named Credential is created we need to repeat same process for other users. Click on Create for another named credential.

Type required details for the Named Credentials and Click on Save.

Once Named Credential NC_OS_ROOT is created. Below is the landing page after you click on Create. Type required values and Click on Test and Save.

If we select the Scope and the Global we need to specify the target at creation for testing. Select the required Database Instance target and Click on Test and Save.

Below is the list of the Named credentials created.


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